How-to Install Latest Thunderbird 52+ x86_64 on Linux Bodhi 2.1 Enlightenment 64bit Easy Visual-Guide

November 3rd, 2012 by Regaz
This Short Guide Simply & Shows YouHow-to Install the Latest Thunderbird 52 x8664 for Linux Bodhi 2.1 Enlightenment 64bit Desktop.

The Same Procedure with only some Little changes will Work also on Other Bodhi Releases.

The Post Include the Basic ScreenShots to Make Easier the Whole Visualization Steps Involved.

Thunderbird on Bodhi Linux
  1. Download Latest Thunderbird for Linux

    Thunderbird 52 x8664 tar.bz2
  2. Find and Double-Click on the Archive

    Extract it Into the /tmp Directory.

    Debian Enlightenment3 Extract Thuderbird

  3. Open a Terminology Window
    Linux Bodhi Open Terminal Window
  4. Relocate Thunderbird:
    • Login as the SuperUser
      sudo su

      If Got “User is Not in Sudoers file” then Look: Solution

    • Relocate Thunderbird
      chown -R root:root /tmp/thunderbird && mv /tmp/thunderbird /opt/

      Make a SymLink

      ln -fs /opt/thunderbird/thunderbird /usr/bin/thunderbird
  5. To Start Thunderbird from Terminal
  6. Create a Bodhi Enlightenment Thunderbird Launcher for Easy-Starting:

    Bodhi-Enlightenment How Launcher
  7. How-to Install Latest Firefox on Linux Bodhi:

    Latest Firefox for Bodhi
How-to Install Thunderbird Latest on Debian Wheezy

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