How-to Install and Getting-Started with Solr 4 Search Server on Fedora Linux

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Linux Fedora Apache Solr 4 Quick-Start Guide

The Tutorial Shows You How-to Quick-Start with Apache Solr 4 Search Server on Fedora 15/16/17/18/19/20 Linux.

Apache Solr is an industrial-strength, high performance, thread-safe search server based on Apache Lucene.

Solr uses Lucene under the covers to provide the most powerful full text search capabilities available in any open source product.

Inside the How-to Install Apache Solr on Fedora You find Link to Recommended Oracle Java JDK 7 Installation Guide.

Install Solr 4 on Fedora Linux - Featured
  1. Download Apache Solr Server for Linux:

    Solr 4+ for Linux
  2. Extract Apache Solr Archive:

    tar xvzf solr*.tgz
    rm solr*.tgz
  3. Relocate Apache Solr Search Server:

    sudo su -c "mv solr* /opt/"
  4. How-to Install Required Oracle-Sun JDK 7 on Fedora Linux:

    Install Oracle JDK for Fedora
  5. Running Solr on Jetty Servlet Container

    cd /opt/solr*/example
    sudo java -jar start.jar
  6. Access Solr Admin Backend on Browser

  7. How-to Quick-Start with Solr Server on Linux:

    Solr Queries Quick-Start
Install Solr 4 on Fedora Linux - Solr Admin Backend

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