How to Install QT5 SDK on openSUSE 13.x 32/64-bit Linux Easy Visual-Guide

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Install QT5 SDK openSUSE 13.x Linux

The Article Simply & Shows YouHow to Download, Install and Getting-Started with QT5 SDK Steps for OpenSuse 13.X Linux 64-bit KDE/Gnome Desktop.

By this Way you will Get at Once All the Qt Features, including Qt Designer and Qt Assistant.

The Qt4 SDK includes the tools you need to build desktop, embedded and mobile applications with Qt from a single install.
This is the recommended way to get started with Qt.
The latest SDK has a self updater feature that will keep you up to date as new versions are made available.

At the Article Bottom there is a Link to Getting-Started with QT5 SDK Development.

Install QT5 SDK openSUSE 13.x - Featured

The QT5 SDK Contains:

  • QT libraries version 5.2+
  • QT Framework
  • QT Creator IDE
  • QT Mobility version
  • QT development tools
  • Remote compilers
  1. Download Qt5 SDK 64-bit Installer

    QT5 SDK 64-bit for Linux
  2. Open Terminal Window
    (Press “Enter” to Execute Commands)
    Linux OpenSuse 12 Gnome 3 Open Terminal
  3. Starting the Installer

    Login as SuperUser


    If Got “User is Not in Sudoers file” then see: How to Enable sudo

    Give Right Permissions

    cd /QtSdk-*-linux-*.run
    chmod +x QtSdk-*-linux-*.run
    sudo chown root:root QtSdk-*-linux-*.run

    Execute the Script

  4. Follow the Installation Process
    Install QT5 SDK openSUSE 13.x 1
  5. Select Custom
    Installing QT SDK Complete - Custom Install
  6. Click on Select All
    Installing QT SDK Complete - Select All Feautures
  7. Follow with Installation
    Install QT5 SDK openSUSE 13.x 2
    Install QT5 SDK openSUSE 13.x 3
    Install QT5 SDK openSUSE 13.x 4
    Install QT5 SDK openSUSE 13.x 5
    Install QT5 SDK openSUSE 13.x 6

    The Installation Process Take Quite a Long Wile so arm you with Patience…

    After you Can Run the QT Creator :)

    Installing QT5 SDK Starting QT Creator

  8. QT Development Quick Start Guide

    Getting-Started Quickly with Qt Dev

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