How to Getting-Started with WildFly 8 on Linux Step-by-Step Easy Guide

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Linux WildFly 8 Getting-Started Guide

The Tutorial Shows You How to Getting-Started with Latest WildFly 8.x Java EE 7 Application Server on Linux.

And included inside this Guide you Find instructions to Quickstart with WildFly 8.x on Linux.

Finally, the Content give Focus Only to the Essentials Instructions and Commands to make it Easier to Follow.

How to Getting-Started with WildFly 8 on Linux - Featured
  1. How to Install Latest WildFly 8.x JEE 7 Application Server:

    Install WildFly 8 on Linux
  2. Open a Terminal Window
    (Press “Enter” to Execute Commands)

    Or Login into Shell.

  3. Check if Oracle Java JDK is Installed

    java -version

    How to Install Recommended Oracle JDK on Linux:

    Install Oracle JDK for Linux
  4. How to Set WildFly to Run on Java 8

    sudo su -c "nano $JBOSS_HOME/bin/standalone.conf"

    Add in JAVA_OPTS a Parameter:


    To Look like:

    JAVA_OPTS=-Xms64M -Xmx512M -XX:MaxMetaspaceSize=256M…

  5. Starting WildFly Server

    This Command Presume you Provided to Setup WildFly Path and Environment Variable like in the Installation Tutorial Above.

    cd $JBOSS_HOME/bin

    At this time the Env Var to Setup is still $JBOSS_HOME.

  6. Access WildFly Server on Browser

    Point your Browser to Address:
    JBoss Server Successfully Started
  7. Access WildFly Administration Back-End on Browser

    Point your Browser to Address:
  8. Latest WildFly App Server Deployment on Linux Guide:

    WildFly Deployment Quick-Start
  9. Stopping WildFly Server
    ./ --connect --command=:shutdown

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