How to Install Processing 3 on CentOS Linux Step-by-Step Guide

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Install Processing 3 on CentOS Linux

You are Welcome! The Step-by-Step Tutorial Shows You How-to Install Processing 3.x on CentOS 5.x/6.x/7.x 32/64-bit KDE/Gnome GNU/Linux Desktop.

And Processing 3 for CentOS is a flexible software sketchbook and a language for learning how to code within the context of the Visual Arts.

The Installation of Oracle Java is Required for Coding in Java with Processing 3 Sketches.

The Instructions, Commands and Descriptions for Install Processing on CentOS Guide are Expressly Essentials so to Give Focus only the Essentials.

Quick-Start Processing 3 on CentOS 6.x - Featured
  1. Open a Shell Terminal emulator window
    (Press “Enter” to Execute Commands)

    How-to Install Processing 3 on CentOS 7 - Open Terminal
  2. Download the Latest Processing 3 Release for Linux:

    Processing Linux .tgz
  3. Double-Click on Archive and Extract Processing into /tmp

    Quick-Start Processing 3 on CentOS 6.x - Extract Processing

  4. Relocate Processing into System Folder

    su -c "chown -R root:root /tmp/processing*"
    su -c "mv /tmp/processing* /opt/processing"
  5. Add Processing to CentOS Path

    su -c "ln -s /opt/processing/processing \
  6. Running Processing Sketch from Shell:

  7. Check if Oracle Java JRE is Installed

    java -version

    How-to Install Required Oracle Java JRE 8 on Linux: SetUp Java Oracle JRE 8 on Linux.

  8. Fixing Java for Processing
    Remove the Bundle Java release:

    sudo rm -rf /opt/processing/java

    Symlinking the Oracle JRE Installation:

    sudo ln -s /usr/java/[jre1.X] /opt/processing/java

    To finds the [jre1.X] Value to be replaced:

    ls /usr/java
  9. Create a Processing App Launcher for CentOS Desktop:

    How Launcher for CentOS

    Quick-Start Processing 3 on CentOS 6.x - Processing Sketch Window

  10. Check if Java JDK is Installed
    (Optional for Programming Processing with Java)

    java -version

    How-to Install Recommended Oracle Java JDK on CentOS:

    Install Oracle JDK for CentOS
  11. Processing How-to Getting-Started Using Libraries:

    Processing Quick Tutorials
  12. So Now Thanks to the Processing Foundation You Should Finally Fully Enjoy the Processing Experience on CentOS Linux ;)

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