PostgreSQL 10 Administration Guide Quick Start on Ubuntu Linux

October 16th, 2017 by thelinuxevangelist

PostgreSQL 10 Administration Guide Ubuntu

This Article Resume the Start-Up Procedure Following to Installation for Getting-Started with PostgreSQL 10 Administration on Ubuntu Linux.

If you Did Not Still Installed the PostgreSQL Server you Find Below Link to Install the PostgreSQL on Ubuntu 12 Gnome Desktop.

The Procedure Described is Expressly Resumed in Few Words to Give Focus to the Essential Commands Needed to the Article-Install Set-Up.

PostgreSQL on Ubuntu
  1. How-to Install the PostgreSQL 10 Server on Ubuntu:

    PostgreSQL 10 Ubuntu Install
  2. Set the postgres User Password

    sudo passwd postgres

    Give a Password to the postgres User Account.
    If Got “User is Not in Sudoers file” then Look: Solution

  3. Login as the postgres User

    su postgres
  4. Create a PostgreSQL test Database

    createdb test

    If your Database is Not Already Started or the psql Command do Not Works look Into this Troubleshooting:

    How-to StartUp the PostgreSQL 10 Server:

    PostgreSQL on Ubuntu Tips
  5. Access PostgreSQL Database CLI
    First Set the postgres Database’s Password:

    psql template1
    template1# password postgres

    And Exit with:

    template1# \q

    Then to Access test Database:

    psql test
  6. Then to Create a Table

    CREATE TABLE account(
        user_id serial PRIMARY KEY,
        username VARCHAR (50) UNIQUE NOT NULL 
  7. Next to List Tables

  8. Again Listing Databases


    ‘q’ to Quit.

  9. For More See PostgreSQL 10 Online Documentation

    PostgreSQL 10 SQL Guide
  10. Finally to Delete test Database

    dropdb test
  11. For GUI Administration Install PgAdmin 3:

    PgAdmin3 on Ubuntu Install

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