How to Install Oracle Java JRE 7 on Debian/Ubuntu Based OSes

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GNU/Linux Debian/Ubuntu Installing Oracle JRE 7 Guide

You are Welcome! The Tutorial Shows You in Easy-Steps How to Install Oracle-Sun Java JRE 7 in Debian/Ubuntu GNU/Linux Based Systems.

And to SetUp Oracle JRE on Debian/Ubuntu you will need to Use the update-alternatives Tool to Update your System Java to 1.7 JRE7.

The Java SE Runtime Environment contains the Java Virtual Machine, Runtime Class Libraries, and Java Application Launcher that are necessary to run Programs written in the Java programming language.

But is Not a Development Environment and does not contain development tools such as Compilers or Debuggers. For development tools, see the Java SE Development Kit.

So the Oracle Java JRE 7 Installation is Valid for all the following distros:

  • Linux Mint
  • Lubuntu
  • Kubuntu
  • Xubuntu
  • Zorin OS
  • Elementary OS
  • Kali Linux
  • LMDE Linux
  • Deepin Linux
  • Parsix Linux
  • antiX Linux
  • MX Linux
  • SparkyLinux
  • MakuluLinux
  • Elive Linux
  • LXLE Linux
  • Linux Lite
  • Bodhi Linux
  • Linux Ultimate Edition
  • Peppermint Linux
How to Install Oracle Java JRE 7 on Debian / Ubuntu Based OSes

How to Install Oracle Java JDK 7 on Debian/Ubuntu

  1. 1. Accessing Shell

    First, Open a Shell session
    (Press “Enter” to Execute Commands)

    How to Install Oracle Java JRE 7 on Debian/Ubuntu - Open Terminal
    Or Login the Server Shell.


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