Linux Zorin OS Terminal Tutorial for Beginners

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  1. 4. Making Folders

    Again experiment yours Creative powers
    Making a test Directory like:

    mkdir $HOME/livingroom

    [See here again how “mkdir” is an Abbreviation for “Making Directory“].

    How you should have already understood, $HOME and ‘~‘ are both synonymous of your’s Home Folder.
    And the Home Directory is where your User Contents are Stored by Default.

    Moreover, to enhance your Memorization and Fun I rightly Use some Metaphoric term. So here you can Immagine a directory like a Room into your Home :)

    Try Making Multiple Directories at once with:

    mkdir $HOME/bedroom $HOME/bathroom $HOME/garden

    Try to use the “ls” Command to Check your creative Work:)

    ls ~

    Finally, use the ‘touch‘ Command to Make a New Empty File:

    touch $HOME/livingroom/box

    And how you could already have perceived, in my creative Examples I make use of the following Mnemonic Linking:

    • Directory -> Bounded Spatial Entity.

    • File -> Thing.

    And so in the Previous Command to an “Empty File” corresponds a natively “Empty Thing” like a “box”, or otherwise you may take it as a simple Label/Name ;)

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