How to Install React Js on openSUSE 15.x LEAP GNU/Linux Easy Guide

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Getting Started

  1. 4. Making React Hello-World App

    Next to Create React Js Hello World simply:

    create-react-app hello-world

    The First, Time you Execute it the Package will Install All the React.js Components needed on System…

    Then Access the hello-world Folder:

    cd hello-world

    Now, Start the Node.js Server with:

    npm start
    How to Install React Js on openSUSE 15 - Terminal Gif Animation

    Finally, the App is Displayed on Browser at:

    How to Install React Js on openSUSE 15 - React Js Welcome
  2. 5. Learning React Js Getting-Started Guide

    Getting-Started with React Js for openSUSE GNU/Linux

    React Js Quick Start on openSUSE
  3. So Now I’m truly Happy if My Guide could Help You to Getting-Started with React Js on openSUSE!


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