How to Install Cevelop on Elementary OS GNU/Linux

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Cevelop Elementary OS - Installing

  1. 3. Installing Cevelop

    So now, Extract Cevelop directly into the Target with one Command:

    sudo tar xvzf ~/Downloads/cevelop*.tar.gz -C /opt/

    (If downloaded with Firefox it may be instead into the /tmp/mozilla* folder)
    Then Set the SuperUser as Owner with:

    sudo chown -R root:root /opt/cevelop*

    Finally, Make a Symlink to Easy Launching from Shell:

    sudo ln -s /opt/cevelop[x.y.z]/ /usr/local/bin/cevelop

    Replace [x.y.z] with the actual Version in the above!
    Use the ‘Tab’ Key to Autocomplete the Command on Shell.

  2. 4. Oracle Java JRE Setup

    First, Check if Java is Already Installed:

    java --version

    If Yes then in the Output you should Find the Version! Otherwise See below…
    How to Install Required Oracle Java on Elementary OS

    Installing Java for Elementary OS

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