Step-by-step – Google Web Designer Debian Buster Installation Guide

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Google Web Designer Debian Buster - Installing

  1. 3. Installing Google Web Designer

    Then to Set up Google Web Designer on Debian from CLI.

    But if you Preefer instead Setup it without the Command Line then See instructions about How to Install this Software with GUI.

    Or on the Command Line Interface…
    First, Access the Target, usually in the Downloads folder:

    cd && cd Downloads

    To Check that there is run:

    ls . | google-webdesigner

    And then to Setup Google Web Designer:

    sudo dpkg -i google-webdesigner*.deb

But if missing some Requirement then use instead:

sudo gdebi google-webdesigner*.deb

But if No GDebi then first execute:

sudo apt install gdebi-core gdebi

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