Slackware How to Install Package from Repository with slackpkg

September 28, 2019 | By the+gnu+linux+evangelist | Filed in: Tutorial.

Setting Up Package Manager

  1. 2. Setting Up Package Manager

    Initial slackpkg SetUp
    First, possibly Login Root with:

    sudo su

    Then Uncomment the Choosen Mirror:

    nano /etc/slackpkg/mirros

    The Best choice may be to Enable just the “” Mirror.
    Especially relevant: in case of the Current Candidate release you need to enable the Line ending with “current“!

    Ctrl-x to Save & Exit :)


    Next to Update slackpkg Repositories:

    slackpkg update

    On Current, if you got a 404 then follow the above instruction.
    Last, in case of “Temporary failure in name resolution” then play:



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