How to Install CodeLite from Source on Manjaro GNU/Linux 18

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  1. 2. Installing Required Packages

    Then to Install Required Stuff
    Simply with:

    sudo pacman -Sy wxgtk2 gtk3 git cmake base-devel xterm clang wxsqlite3 sqlite libssh
  2. 3. Downloading

    Dowload CodeLite Latest Version for Manjaro Linux

    CodeLite Source Package

    Grab the CodeLite Source Master.

  3. 4. Preinstallation Setup

    Now to Prepare for Installation
    Access the Target directory:

    cd ~/Downloads/codelite

    (But if downloaded with Firefox it may be instead into /tmp/mozilla*)
    Next make the Build folder with:

    mkdir build-release

    And Access it:

    cd build-release
  4. 5. Installing Codelite

    Then to Install CodeLite on Manjaro Linux
    Run the CMake Command with the needed CXXFLAGS:

    cmake .. -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX:PATH=/usr -DCMAKE_CXX_FLAGS=-isystem\ /usr/include/harfbuzz

    Then Make it:

    make -j4

    How to Install CodeLite on Manjaro GNU/Linux 18 - Build Successfull
    Be aware that the Build Process is Time and RAM demanding…
    Here I successfully Build it on a VMware VM with 4Gb of RAM in about 1h.
    Finally, to Setup CodeLite:

    sudo make install

    How to Install CodeLite on Manjaro GNU/Linux 18 - Done


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