Step-by-step – Apache Wicket Kali Linux Installation Guide

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  1. 2. Downloading

    Download Latest Apache Wicket 8.x for Linux

    Get Apache Wicket 8 tar.gz

    If Prompted by the Browser then Choose to ‘Save it’!

  2. 3. Installing

    Next to Relocate Apache Wicket
    (For a Local Setup store it into the Home Folder and Skip of Fixing Ownerships)
    First, Check where is the downloaded Package Location:

    ls ~/Downloads | grep apache-wicket

    The grep Command Refine the output List showing only the entries Matching the Keyword.
    (But if downloaded with Firefox it may be instead into /tmp/mozilla*)
    Now to Extract and Switch it with with one Command:

    sudo tar xvzf ~/Downloads/apache-wicket-* -C /opt/

    Fix the Ownership with:

    sudo chown -R root:root /opt/apache-wicket-*
  3. 4. Setting up Maven

    Check if Apache Maven is Installed

    mvn -v

    If Not then to Install it play:

    sudo apt install maven
  4. 5. Setting up Java

    How to Install Required Oracle Java JDK on Kali Linux

    Installing Oracle JDK for Kali Linux
  5. Tested Working on Java 8, on Java 13 need to Test it…


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