Step-by-step – Chroot Debian Sid Easy Guide

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  1. 3. Unmounting Target

    Then Find Out the New Root Target Drive
    Look into the List of the Mounted devices with:

    df -h

    If You can Not to Find it then try Visually with GParted:


    Possibly Unmount it with:

    umount /dev/sd[XN]

    Just Replace [XN] with the actual Device’s Identifier.

  2. 4. Mounting Root

    Mount the New Root Target Device
    Firt make a New Directory by:

    mkdir /mnt/newroot

    And then to Mount:

    mount /dev/sd[XN] /mnt/newroot
  3. 5. Mounting Pseudoterminal

    Hence Mount the Pseudoterminal Slave
    First, make the Target folder:

    if [ ! -d "/mnt/newroot/dev/pts" ]; then mkdir /mnt/newroot/dev/pts; fi

    And then Mount it with:

    mount -t devpts none /mnt/newroot/dev/pts

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