Step-by-step – Shell Script Lubuntu 20.04 Tutorial

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Making Script

  1. 2. Making Bash Shell Script

    Then to Create a Bash Script on Home Directory with nano
    First, Change to the User’s Home directory with:

    cd ~

    Then to Make the Bash Script with nano play:


    Now to be Runnable directly as a Shell Script we append a Bash Shebang to the Top like:


    Then for our Testing pourpose we Append something like a classic Hello-Word greating:

    echo 'Hello World!'

    And the ‘echo‘ Bash Command simply Output a String on Terminal.
    Finally, our simple Bash Script is containing just:

    echo 'Hello World!'
    echo 'From the Bash Shell'

    The Bash Commands must be in a Stack of sigle Commands like:


    Or otherwise in a Line of Commands Divided by a ‘;’ SemiColon as:

    myBashCommand1 ; myBashCommand2 ...

    Ctrl+Shift+v to Paste content into nano.
    Use Ctrl+x to Save & Exit from nano Editor.


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