Step-by-step – Intel Wifi Firmware CentOS 8.x/Stream-8 Installation Guide

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Setting Up

  1. 2. Listing Intel Wifi Firmware

    First, to List Installed Intel Wi-fi Firmware
    Simply run:

    sudo yum list iwl*-firmware

    And if your Device is Not Included then follow to Download and Setup it Manually.

  2. 3. Downloading Intel Wifi Firware

    Download Intel Wi-fi Devices Firmware for CentOS GNU/Linux

    Intel Wi-fi Firmware

    Possibly, on Firefox Prompt Choose “Save File”:

    Firefox Prompt

    For the latest Models you should take care of the minimum supported Kernel Version:

    Supported Kernels column

    Possibly to Check your current one run:

    uname -a

    Finally, then you may be interested to the Change/Upgrade Kernel Guide.

  3. 4. Setting Up Intel Wifi Firware

    Then to Switch Intel Wi-fi Firware into Target Directory
    First, Extract it into the /tmp Directory with:

    sudo tar xvzf ~/Downloads/iwlwifi*.tgz -C /tmp/

    And then Switch the File into the Target with:

    sudo mv /tmp/iwlwifi*/*.ucode /lib/firmware/

    (But if you are in Trouble to Find it out on Terminal then See: How to Access Downloads Folder from Browser.)


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