How to Uninstall DKMS Module on Linux Mint 20 LTS

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  1. Removing DKMS Kernel Module

    Now to Remove DKMS Kernel Module
    To list the availables DKMS Modules use:

    dkms status

    In case of a Broadcom Wl Module the output is:
    Possibly to find out the Module Identifier:

    ls /var/lib/dkms/bcmwl

    With a output like:
    Then, to Remove the Module from All the Kernels use:

    dkms remove bcmwl/ --all

    To remove it only from the current Kernel use instead:

    dkms remove bcmwl/ -k `uname -r`

    Now test the new Setup rebooting:

    sudo reboot

    But in case of a Custom Kernel installation you may be forced also to Remove the Kernel directory…
    Like for instance:

    sudo rm -rf /var/lib/dkms/bcmwl

    Finally, eventually you can then try to Reinstall the Module in the New Kernel.


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