Step-by-step – AMDGPU Pro Ubuntu 21.04 Installation Guide

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  1. 2. Downloading AMDGPU for Ubuntu

    Download AMDGPU for Ubuntu GNU/Linux

    Get AMDGPU tar.xz for Ubuntu

    Grab the Latest available Release.
    If possible Select directly “Open with Archive Manager”!

  2. 3. Extracting AMDGPU Archive

    Then Extract AMDGPU tar.xz into /tmp Directory
    If it does Not Open automatically then Double-Click on File Manager.

    How to Install AMDGPU on Ubuntu 21.04 Hirsute - Extracting
    Or from Command Line:

    tar xvf ~/Downloads/amdgpu-pro*.tar.xz -C /tmp/

    But if yuo are in Trouble to Find it out on Terminal then See: How to Access Downloads Folder from Browser.

  3. 4. Fixing Version ID

    Now Fix Ubuntu Version ID
    So edit the Configuration File with nano Editor:

    sudo nano /etc/os-release

    And change “VERSION_ID” in “20.04“.
    This because as for the AMDGPU Pro Policies that is the only support granted Version.
    Ctrl+x to Save & Exit from nano.

  4. 5. Installing AMDGPU-PRO

    Now to Install AMDGPU PRO
    Especially relevant: this setup is Not granted for every Linux Kernel so do it at your own Risk…
    And in case of Building Issue possibly be aware of How to Recover System.
    First, possibly check if a previous version is already installed with:

    apt show amdgpu-pro

    And if yes then to remove it use:

    sudo apt purge amdgpu-pro

    Next to Set up AMDGPU Pro Run then Installer:

    /tmp/amdgpu*/amdgpu-pro-install -y

    Again for the Pro with OpenCL Support:

    /tmp/amdgpu*/amdgpu-pro-install --opencl=pal,legacy -y

    Instead, for the OpenCL Headless variant do:

    /tmp/amdgpu*/amdgpu-pro-install --opencl=pal,legacy -y --headless

    Last, for the Open-Source alternative play:

    /tmp/amdgpu*/amdgpu-install -y

    Finally, to load it reboot with:

    sudo reboot

    In case of Build Error possibly remove it prior Restart with:

    /tmp/amdgpu*/amdgpu-pro-install --uninstall
  5. 6. Configuring for Vulkan

    Finally, Only for Vulkan Driver:

    sudo usermod -a -G video $LOGNAME

    And Check the Setup is successful with:


So Now I’m truly Happy if My Guide could Help You to Install AMDGPU Driver in Ubuntu 21.04!


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