How to Install Canon PIXMA Driver on Mageia Easy Guide

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Adding Printer

  1. 6. Adding Canon PIXMA Printer

    Finally, Go to Add Printer
    Here on the GNOME Desktop, but for other Spins find a similar Solution…
    So now Open Settings:

     -  Open Settings

    Simply Hit ‘Cmd’/’Win’ and Search for ‘Settings’.

    And then Add Printer to Mageia Desktop:

     -  GNOME 3 Settings Devices

    And Press the Add Printer Button:

     - Add Printer

    And now Start to Locating the Printer Driver.
    Choose your Printer and Confirm to Add:

     - Add

    Next, Choose “Printer Details” on the Top-Left Gear:

     - Printer Details

    Browsing for PPD Printer Driver

    Now Choose to “Install PPD File”:

     - Install Ppd File

    This Step is Needed for many Laser Printer New Models, but may be Used to Install Any Printer!
    Browsing for the PPD File Location:

    How to Find Printer PPD File Location on Mageia

    PPD Mageia File Location Searching
     - Browsing for Ppd

    Usually into /usr/share/cups/model/!

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