Step-by-step – Driver Epson ET-M1170 Manjaro Linux Installation

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Adding Printer

  1. 4. Installing CUPS

    Again, to Install CUPS

    sudo pacman -Sy cups cups-pdf
  2. 5. Adding User

    Next to Add User to Printing Group
    Simply issue:

    sudo gpasswd -a `whoami` lp

    And then to Enable CUPS’s Web Interface Administration:

    sudo gpasswd -a `whoami` lpadmin
  3. 6. Running CUPs

    Next Run CUPS Service
    So to Start it:

    sudo systemctl start org.cups.cupsd.service

    Again to Enable CUPS at Boot time:

    sudo systemctl enable org.cups.cupsd.service
  4. 7. Launching Printers App

    Then Run Printing Manager
    Here for Xfce Desktop:

    Manjaro Linux Add Printer Quick Start Guide - Printing Manager

    For the other Spins possibly See How to Add Printer on GNU/Linux Desktops.

  5. 8. Adding Epson ET-M1170 Printer

    And follow to Add Epson ET-M1170 on Manjaro
    First, Select the ‘Administration’ Tab:

    Manjaro Linux Add Printer Quick Start Guide - Admin

    Choose ‘Add Printer’ or ‘Find Printers’:

    Manjaro Linux Add Printer Quick Start Guide - Adding Printer

    So then Select the Printer that should be Found and Confirm to Add it.
    But if Not Found then Verify the Printer is Connected and Turned On.
    Then Browse to “Install PPD File” Driver.

    How to Find Printer PPD File’s Location on Manjaro

    GNU/Linux Manjaro PPD File Location

    Or else Search in the “Printers Driver Database”.
    Finally, the Printer should be Successfully Installed and Working on System!

  6. So Now I’m truly Happy if My Guide could Help You to Install Epson ET-M1170 Driver on Manjaro Linux!


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