Step-by-step – libGDX Fedora 32 Installation

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  1. 2. Checking OpenGL Enabled

    Now to Check OpenGL is Working on Display
    So first Install the Required Tool with:

    sudo dnf install glx-utils

    And then look at the Output of:

    glxinfo | grep 'version'

    At this time, the Required Minimum ‘OpenGL Version’ is 2!
    If Not Satisfied then Search online How to Solve the Issue…

  2. 3. Downloading libGDX for Fedora

    Download libGDX for Fedora GNU/Linux

    Get libGDX tar.gz for Fedora
  3. 4. Java JDK Setup

    Now, Check if Java JDK is Already Installed:

    javac -version

    If Yes then in the Output you should Find the Version! Otherwise See below…
    How to Install Required Java JDK on Fedora

    Java JDK Fedora Installation
  4. 5. Accessing Target

    So to Access the Target Directory
    First, Try:

    cd && cd Downloads

    (But if you are in Trouble to Find it out on Terminal then See: How to Access Downloads Folder from Browser.)
    To Verify it’s there List the Directory Contents with:

    ls . | grep gdx
  5. 6. Setting Up libGDX Project

    Now to Setup libGDX Project run:

    java -jar ./gdx-setup.jar

    To Develop also for Android Devices potentially see: How to Install Android Studio on Fedora
    Otherwise first Uncheck the Android Check Box…
    Next, how you Can clearly See the Wizard dispose of Many Settings…
    But now to Begin just Click on Generate!

    Step-by-step - libGDX Fedora 32 Setup Guide - Wizard Tool

    After few minutes you Find the Gradle build into the Destination Directory!


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