Step-by-step – Wine LXLE Linux Installation

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  1. 2. Setting Up Wine Repo

    How to Add Wine LXLE Repository

    Wine LXLE Repo Setup
  2. 3. Installing Requirements

    Now to Install Requirements for LXLE
    First, install the Aptitude Package Manager with:

    sudo apt install aptitude

    Aptitude is a more advanced Tool to Manage the Software Dependencies.
    And then to Setup the required stuff:

    sudo aptitude install libfaudio0:i386 libglib2.0-0:i386  libgstreamer-plugins-base1.0-0:i386
  3. 4. Installing Latest Wine

    Finally, to Install the Wine on
    First, to Search for the available Releases:

    sudo apt search wine

    And in the output you can see also all the available Wine Versions:

    Wine Version

    So for the current Wine Stable run:

    sudo aptitude install wine-stable wine-stable-i386 wine-stable-amd64

    When for the Release that includes the Patches for next one:

    sudo aptitude install wine-staging wine-staging-i386 wine-staging-amd64

    This Setup includes the usually needed Wine 32-bit.
    Simply Confirm the proposed Solution:

    Aptitude Solution
  4. 5. Amending User’s Path

    Again Append Wine into the Path
    So for wine-stable play:

    echo "export PATH=$PATH:/opt/wine-stable/bin" >> ~/.bashrc

    When in case of wine-staging:

    echo "export PATH=$PATH:/opt/wine-staging/bin" >> ~/.bashrc

    Finally, Reload the Bash Path simply with:



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