NetGear A6210 Driver openSUSE Linux Installation

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  1. 2. Upgrading System

    So then possibly Upgrade System

    sudo zypper ref && sudo zypper update

    In case of a New Kernel Setup then Reboot with:

    sudo reboot now

    Then Check your Kernel Version with:

    uname -r

    The Device should work properly on a 5.4.1+ Kernel.
    How to Install Latest Kernel on openSUSE

    Mainline Kernel openSUSE Installation
  2. 3. Loading Driver

    Then to Load MediaTek MT76 Kernel Module
    Simply play:

    sudo modprobe mt76

    Or for a USB Device try with:

    sudo modprobe mt76-usb

    To know that with Kernel 5.9 also a SDIO Socket version is introduced:

    sudo modprobe mt76-sdio

    Then restart the Network Manager Service play:

    sudo service network-manager restart

    Possibly, try also to unplug and replug in your Adapter.


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