PostgreSQL 14 Admin Guide for GNU/Linux – Step-by-step

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Getting Started

  1. 2. Making Directories

    First, Make Needed Directories

    sudo mkdir -p /home/postgres/data

    Set postgres as Owner with:

    sudo chown -R postgres:postgres /home/postgres
  2. 3. Setting up postgres Pass

    Set the postgres User Password

    sudo passwd postgres

    Give a Password to the postgres User Account.
    If Got “User is Not in Sudoers file” then see: How to Enable sudo

  3. 4. Logging in

    Login as the postgres User

    su postgres

    Change to the Home Directory:

  4. 5. Setting up PATH

    And Setup User’s Path

    echo "export PATH=$PATH:/usr/lib/postgresql/[REL]/bin" >> ~/.bashrc

    Replace [REL] with your Current one in the above Command. So in this case is 14.

    Load the New PATH with:

  5. 6. Making PostgreSQL DB Cluster

    Then Setup First, PostgreSQL DB Cluster
    Simply run:

    initdb -D /home/postgres/data

    This just for testing pourposes…

  6. 7. Starting PostgreSQL Server

    Next to Start PostgreSQL Server

    pg_ctl -D /home/postgres/data -l logfile start

    In case of Issue then Check the logfile with:

    cat logfile
  7. 8. Making PostgreSQL Test DB

    Create a PostgreSQL test Database

    createdb test
  8. 9. Accessing PostgreSQL Database

    Access PostgreSQL Database CLI
    First, Set the postgres Database’s Password:

    psql template1

    And then on the template1# Prompt:

    password postgres

    And Exit with:


    Then to Access test Database:

    psql test
  9. 10. Creating Table

    Then to Create a Table

    CREATE TABLE account(
    user_id serial PRIMARY KEY,
    username VARCHAR (50) UNIQUE NOT NULL 
  10. 11. Listing Tables

    Next to List Tables

  11. 12. Listing Databases

    Again Listing Databases


    ‘q’ to Quit.
    For More See PostgreSQL 14 Online Documentation

  12. 13. Dropping Test DB

    Finally, to Delete test Database

    dropdb test
  13. 14. Installing PostgreSQL Admin UI

    For PostgreSQL 14 GUI Administration Install PgAdmin 4

    PgAdmin4 on Linux Install


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