How to Getting Started with Selenium Python on GNU/Linux

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Getting Started

  1. 2. Installing Selenium Python

    Install/SetUp Selenium Python Client for Webdriver on Linux

    Selenium Python Client Linux Setup
  2. 3. Selenium WebDriver Getting Started

    Then to Get Started with Selenium Webdriver for Python
    First, Launch the Python CLI with:




    Then Import Selenium WebDriver:

    from selenium import webdriver

    Again Import the Keyboard extendes Support with:

    from selenium import webdriver

    And the Class to Locate Elements within a Document:

    from import By

    Setting up the Firefox Browser Driver:

    from webdriver_manager.firefox import GeckoDriverManager

    And then:

    driver = webdriver.Firefox(GeckoDriverManager().install())

    This Should Fire Up the Firefox Browser.
    And in case of Missing GH_TOKEN Issue See: Making GitHub Token Doc
    To Add the Token then:

    import os
    os.environ['GH_TOKEN'] = "PasteGenerateToken"

    Setting up the Chrome Browser Driver:

    from webdriver_manager.firefox import ChromeDriverManager

    And then:

    driver = webdriver.Chrome(ChromeDriverManager().install())

    So this Should Fire Up the Chrome Browser.
    For more see: Selenium Python Documentation
    And for Opera look at the OperaDriver Installation Guide.

    Getting-Started with Selenium RC Server and Python Client on Linux:

    Selenium RC Server & Python Client on Linux


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