How-to Create and Run a VMware Workstation Virtual Machine with Linux Live ISO

November 28th, 2016 by thelinuxevangelist

Making & Running a VMware Workstation Linux VM

The Linux Tutorial Shows You Step-by-Step and Visually How-to Create/Make a New Virtual Machine with a Linux Live ISO on VMware Workstation 11+ for Microsoft Windows.

VMware Workstation Pro and VMware Workstation let anyone run Linux, Windows and hundreds of other Operating Systems on a Mac, without burning OS ISO’s and Rebooting.

VMware Workstation 11+ come with the ability to Run Hypervisor Applications such as VMware Workstation inside the virtual machine.

So You can install VMware Workstation in Linux a virtual machine, and then for Example use Workstation to create a Nested Windows Virtual Machine.

How-to Create and Run a VMware Workstation Virtual Machine with Linux Live ISO - Featured
  1. How-to Download Linux Distros ISO’s

    Get Linux ISOs

  2. Create a New Virtual Machine

  3. Choose the VM Typical SetUp

    Click on Next.

  4. Browse for Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial ISO Image

    Click on Next.

  5. Set-Up VM Name

    Click on Next.

  6. Select the Guest OS
    This doesn’t matter and so if you just Do Not Find your OS then choose a Linux X.Y Kernel…

    Then Click on Next.

  7. Specify the Disk Size to At Least 64Gb

    Take Note: The Disk then will be Auto-Growing so 64Gb here it’s Just the Upper Limit!
    Also it’s Best to Set Disk as Entire instead of the Default 2Gb Chunks…
    Then Click on Next.

  8. Click on the Customize Hardware on Bottom

  9. Set the Memory Size
    Set a Reasonable Amount, usually between 1Gb and 2GB. It depends from your OS’s Type…

    Click on Close.

  10. Click on Finish on Bottom

  11. Then You can Run the Virtual Machine :)

  12. How-to Install Ubuntu on a VMware Workstation VM

    Ubuntu Installation Steps
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