Linux Install VMware Tools on Linux openSUSE 10-12 Step-by-Step Easy Guide

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Install VMware Tools for openSUSE Linux

The Tutorial Shows You How to Install the VMWare Tools for openSUSE Linux 10, 11, 12 and Below 32/64-bit Desktop.

You need to know that the VMWare Tools Installed and Working will Grant you a More Pleasant Journey with Linux OpenSuse on the VMWare Virtual Machine

With the VMWare Tools Installed you Can Custom Easy-Resizing the Screen Just Dragging and More your Guest will Dispose Also of Shared Folders to Easy Exchanging Files with the Host System!

Just Take the Time of Carefully Looking, Reading and Following the Detailed Instructions and Commands Contained in this Guide.

Install VMware Tools for openSUSE Linux - Featured
  1. Open a Terminal Window
    (Press “Enter” to Execute Commands)
  2. Check if Kernel’s Sources are already in your System:


    • Get your Kernel’s Version:
      uname -r

         Take a Note of the first 4 digit’s dot separated groups of your Kernel: x.x.x.x

    • Check if Kernel’s Sources are already present on you System
      ls /usr/src

          Look inside the output if you Find a directory than is matching the noted x.x.x.x
          Example: If your Kernel is lookup for a directory.

  3. If the Kernel sources are already present Go to point 8

  4. Updating openSUSE Kernel
    sudo zypper up kernel-desktop
  5. Installing Kernel sources

    First you need to setup a Repository for zypper:

    Install Packages on openSUSE
    Then you proceed to install your Kernel-source package:

    sudo zypper in kernel-source-x.x.x.x

    Now your system should be Ready for VMware Tools installation.

  6. Load VMware Tools

    On your VMware Application go in “Virtual Machine” and Select “Install VMware Tools”.

    Wait for a while Until your Package will be ready to Extract and Install…

    Copy the package on a writable location, give it the right permission and untar it

    cp /media/cdrom0/VMware Tools/VMwareTools*.tar.gz /tmp
    cd /tmp
    chmod +x VMwareTools*.tar.gz
    tar xvzf VMwareTools*.tar.gz

  7. VMWare Tools Installation:
    • Access the Target Directory
      cd /tmp/vmware*
    • To Get Enabled the Shared Folders Apply Patch:

      VMWare-Tools Patch
    • Execute Installation Script

      Follow to Accept All the Default Proposed Settings

      Eventually Answer “Yes” to Enable Load New Kernel Modules at Boot.

      VMWare Tools Troubleshootings

    This is the Sign of Success! :)


    Install VMware Tools for openSUSE Linux - 1

  8. Assure that Linux will Load VMware Tools at Boot

    VMware Tools Loaded on Boot
  9. Finally, to Enable VMWare Tools without Logout
  10. VMware-Tools Installation Guides for Other Linux Distros:

    How to Install the VMWare Tools on Linux Distros

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