Illustrator Change Background Color How To

August 27, 2011 | By Duchateaux.

The Adobe Official Documentation At This Time It Is Still Not Effective On Resolving the Most Simple Problem and Step a New User is Facing When it Try to Make Something With Illustrator…

You can try out the “default” and Documented Adobe technique to make a Paper Simulated Background but the result will Alter the Whitish Fills and Strokes detected on the Artboard.

So to Make a Trully :) Simulated Background where you can Perfectly Perceive also White Strokes and Fills:

  1. Create a New Layer and Place it Below all others

  2. Select the Rectangle Tool

  3. Set the Rectangle-Background’s Color
  4. Draw a Rectangle larger than your Document size

  5. Lock your New Layer so it will not Interfere with your Work

  6. Now you are Finally, Free to Stroke and Fill also with Whitish Colors ;)
Extra Indications:
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