Parallels Won’t Start on Mac

September 28, 2011 | By Duchateaux.

Can’t Launch Parallels Issue

Issue: You double Click on Parallels icon but nothing happens.

Troubleshooting on Parallels when it does Not Start.

Parallels Won't Start on Mac Troubleshooting - Featured
  1. If Parallels was Not Originally Installed with the User you are Using Now:
    Change Permissions for Parallels:

    1. Open a Termina Window:

      Application >> Utilities >> Terminal

    2. Access your Target Directory:

      cd /Applications

    3. To Change Ownership Overall the Application:

      sudo chown -r yourUser:yourGroup

  2. If still Not Solved… A Temporary Solution without to have Re-Installing it:
    Solution: Create a New User,  Login and try to Start Parallels by this one

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