Taking An Automatic Screenshots Strip Of Screen for Free on Mac

September 30, 2011 | By Regaz.

Here I will show you how to get a Screenshots Strip during you are Working on your Mac…
This can be Useful if you want to have an Automatic Record of Activity to use after in your Works or Tutorials.

To achieve this Result I will use a Free Program: “Timed Screenshot”

After you Download it you’ll need to make a Folder inside your Applications and Copy and Paste the whole .dmg Content.

Inside there you will have a Screenshot Folder that is the Place where all your Screenshots will be Located…

To Start the Application you simply Double Click on it, but after you don’t will see anything happening, that Because the Program is Running on Background

To Set the Times Interval Between Screenshots you Open and Edit the “Timed Screenshot Config” File.

The Utility take Screenshots like a Stream without Stop so you Need to Kill it when you have Achieved your Work.

To Kill “Take Screenshot” you need to Open a Terminal sessions and execute:

Kill 'Take Screenshot'

last check it’s stopped by:

ps aux | grep Screenshot | grep /

You have to be sure it’s Stopped because if not while you are Sleeping your Screenshot Folder will be Flooded by Thousands of screenshots :))

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