How to Depersonalize Google Search Results

October 3, 2011 | By Duchateaux.

If you want to Obtain a Google Search Result than isn’t Influenced by any Personal Preferences, I mean you want to Perform a Depersonalized Search.
You need to insert the Parameter:


on your Google Query URL.
So if in your Browser bar the Google URL look like “” you need to:

  1. Add?psw=0” to the URL ->
    Google Depersonalized Search

  2. Reload your Page

  3. Make your Depersonalized Search

The “?” come from the following Google Query Parameters Syntax:

  • The First Google Parameter Must be Preceded by a href=”?

  • The Following ones, I mean the second… Must be Preceded by a href=”&

If in your Google URL there are already some other parameters you will need to Add: “&psw;=0” instead of “?psw=0”
So for a Depersonalized Search without Auto-complete your URL Address shoud look something like:;=0
If you Need to Perform Often this kind of Depersonalized Searching it’s Best to make a Bookmark
Bookmark Google Depersonalized

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