Blogger How to Recover or Restore Deleted Post

October 6th, 2011 by Regaz

This Tip will Guide in Recovering your Deleted Article without a Backup.
The Only Requisite is to Find a Article Cached Copy on Google or somewhere else.

  1. You need to Find the ArticleID of your Article
    • Open Google in your Browser Window (here i will suppose is Firefox)
    • Search for “ someKeywordsContainedInTheArticle”
    • You should find your Deleted Article in the Search Results
    • Look at the HTML Source: Firefox > View > Page Source
    • Search for “postID
      • Mac Cmd+f
      • PC Ctrl+f
    • Copy the postID of the Deleted Article
  2. On Blogger Make a New Article
    • Blogger > Articleing > New Article
    • Now Replace the postID with that of the Deleted Article
    • Reload your Page on Browser

After You Should be Happy for the magically Restored Article ;)

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