Git Init How to Initialize/Create/Make A Repository

October 14, 2011 | By Duchateaux.

There are Essentially two Kind of Git Repository:

Initialize a Normal Repository
This kind of Repository is Good for the Local Development and Not for a Remote Shared one. It’s not the Right place to Easily Push on your Developed Code…
This Normal or Whole Form is Initialized or Made by:

git init repoName

Or if already Existing:

cd path/To/yourRepo
git init


Initialize a Bare Repository
The Pure Git Version is Good for Sharing Purposes because is Condensed and so Much Smaller and Easier to Share. It’s Right also as the Remote Container where you Push on your Locally Developed Code. Conventionally it get a .git Extension.
To Initialize a Bare .git Repo you do:

git init --bare repoName.git

Or if already Existing:

cd path/To/yourRepo
git init --bare

This Initialize a Repository holding in only the Content of the .git Directory and no Working Directories. Normally we give it the .git Extension right to Show his Essence. After to Transform it in a Working one and Pull out his Condensed Content we need to clone it.

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