Git How to Fix/Amend Commit

October 25th, 2011 by Regaz

If you just Executed your Commit and after you find some new Changes to Add, you can Easy Fixing or Amending the Latest Commit with:

git commit --amend

To Execute a Fast Fixing leaving Untouched the Message use:

git commit --amend -C HEAD

This will Add New Changes to the Latest Commit and leave Unchanged the Commit Message.
Indeed the Flag -C serve right to leave untouched the Commit Message when Fixing.

But if you Prefer Instead Removing the Latest Commit for after Executing a New one:

git reset --hard HEAD^

When you need to Edit a Commit Other than the Latest one you can use the Interactive Rebase Command.
In this Example we wanto to Edit the Second Commit before HEAD (HEAD=Latest Commit):

git rebase -i HEAD~2

This will launch the Message’s Editor, so you Edit Message and Save.
After you make the Changes you want to your Commit, then:

commit --amend
git rebase --continue


Try to Fix with a Fetch and Rebase like that:

git commit -a
git fetch
git rebase origin

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