Git Local Repository Automated Deployment on Live Of Changes to the Remote Web Server

October 31, 2011 | By Duchateaux.

You dispose of a Git Repository on your Web Server and you want an Automatic Deployment on Live of Changes after a Local Push to Origin.

  1. The Local Repository must Exactly Know his Origin and this is potential in two Ways:

    1. If your Local is a Clone of the Remote one
      The Cloning Procedure is like:

      git clone ssh://USERNAME@:2222/path/To/Your/remoteRepo.git localRepo

    2. Your Origin has been set on the .git/config local file
      One way to Set the Origin by a Command is:

      git remote add origin ssh://USERNAME@:2222/path/To/Your/remoteRepo.git

  2. Next you need Make a hooks/post-receive file inside of the Remote Repo.
    You can follow this Procedure:

    ssh -p  USERNAME@
    cd path/To/Your/remoteRepo.git
    touch hooks/post-receive
    chmod +x hooks/post-receive
    pico hooks/post-receive

    Insert in the post-receive file a Content like this below:

    read oldrev newrev refname
    if [ $refname = "refs/heads/master" ]; then
    echo "************* DEPLOYING TO LIVE SITE ******************"
    unset GIT_DIR
    cd $LIVE
    git pull origin master
    echo "********************* DONE ****************************"

    (It’s Essential to Leave a White Space between brackets “[]” and “$refname”)
    Save and exit with:


    Now your Remote Repository is Set to Automated Deployment of Changes on Live for every Local:

    git push origin master

    Every Change you Push on your Remote Repo will be Now Automatically Reflected on Live.

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