How Install TinyMCE Editor on Site

November 6th, 2011 by Regaz
  1. Download TinyMCE
    Chose the Latest Complete Release
  2. Unzip the archive
    On a Unix-like platform with Command:
    sudo unzip
  3. Copy the tiny_mce Folder on your Site Root
    On Unix-like by Commands:
    cd yourDownloadLocation
    sudo cp -r tinymce rootDomain/
  4. Activate the TinyMCE Editor
    Insert in your Page on the Head or Best before the Body End something like:

    • Be Careful to Don’t put a Comma after the Latest Option (In this Example the last Option is theme_advanced_resizing)
    • If your TinyMCE do Not Work Check if All Plugins Inserted are Still Present inside of the plugins Folder and eventualy Delete those has been Removed from Distribuition…
    • Here the element Target has an id=”content”

Once your Page Reloaded you Should Find your Activated TinyMCE Editor :)

For Extra Documentation Configuration Check Here

To Find Extra Insight Look this Guide:
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