Linux Debian Error Not Found Update-rc.d Gnome-menus-blacklist Gconf-schemas

February 16, 2012 | By Duchateaux.

This Kind or Error are Usually derived from a NOT Complete PATH Setup.
To Fix Problems like this you should proceed to complete the Following Steps:

  1. Open a Terminal Window

  2. Try to Locate the “not found” Package by:

    locate packageName

    If you do Not get Any Result Proceed to Step 3 else Go to Step 4

  3. Look to My other Article about Updating the Search Database for “locate” Command

  4. Make Debian Aware of the Package Path.

    This Step may be Achieved in Multiple ways and between those Editing the ~/.bashrc File:

    nano ~/.bashrc

    Insert something like:

    export PATH="/path/To/Package:$PATH"


    export PATH="/usr/bin:$PATH"
  5. Load the New Path Setting by:


    Or simbly by:


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