Drupal Howto Export and Import Nodes/Posts

March 15th, 2012 by Regaz
This Short Guide Shows You you Exactly How-to Export and Import Nodes/Articles in Drupal.


  1. Download and Install:
    Node Export Module
  2. Enable the Node Export Module
  3. Point your Browser to:

  4. From the Drop-Down Select Export nodes
    Drupal How-to Export Nodes/Articles 1
  5. Copy the Chunk of Code Drupal will Output
    Drupal How-to Export Nodes/Articles 2


  1. Point your Browser to:

    Drupal How-to Import Nodes/Articles 1
  2. Select Paste code
    Insert the Code you Saved Exporting Nodes.
    Click on Import

    Drupal How-to Import Nodes/Articles 2

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