Easy Uploading File Directory By SSH Into Remote Server

March 27, 2012 | By Duchateaux.

This Easy-Tip will Show U exactly How to Upload a File or Directory directly Into the Remote Server by SSH.

Of Course you will Absolutely need an SSH Console Access into your Remote Web Area.

If you are Not Sure if your Subscription Dispose of a SSH Access Contact your Provider.

Take the Time of Reading and Understanding Getting a Clear Insight

To Make the Task you need to Utilize the scp Bash Command in Terminal.

To Aid the Association-Remembering Process you should Know that scp is the Short-Form of SSH Copy.

To Execute a scp you will Need to Know:

  • SSH Access Password

  • SSH Access Port


The General Form of the scp into the Remote Location:

scp -P  -r  USERNAME@:


scp -P 22 -r tree.jpg winner@server1.hosting.com:/~

How to Upload SSH Keys on Remote Server:

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