How to Search/Find Packages on FreeBSD

April 1, 2012 | By Duchateaux.

To Search/Find Packages Under FreeBSD you have to Use the Command on Shell:


The make Command is Similar to the locate Command, the Difference is that the locate will Make a Wider Search on Files,Directories and Paths.
The make Instead, is a Specific Utility to Find/Search Over Packages.
Like the locate Need of a Generated Database Index to Perform Searching.
Before to Utilize it then you will Need to Generate the Database Index over the Disponibles Packages.

cd /usr/ports
make index

This will Take Several Minutes to you need some Patience here…

After to Find Packages:

make search name=""

Here below there is a Shot of the Search Results produced by a make Search Run.

Search Packages FreeBSD 9

How you can Perceive the Searching Result Output is Very Valuables because Describe also All Package’s Dependencies.

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