How-to Setup Python Selenium Webdriver on Mac OS X

April 24th, 2012 by Regaz
This short Guide Shows You How-to Setup Selenium and the Webdriver to Work with the Firefox Browser on Python under Mac OS X.

If your System Dispose of Multiple Python Versions you Should Need Before to Follow Indications Contained in the Troubleshooting Section at the Article Bottom.

  1. Open a Terminal Window
  2. Install the Python Pip
    sudo easy_install pip
  3. Install Selenium
    sudo pip install Selenium

After you Selenium Installation Should be Correctly Setup and Working.

To Test the Python-Selenium Under Mac OS X Perform on Terminal:

  1. Load the Python Console
  2. Try to Load the Selenium Python Extension
    >>>> from selenium import webdriver
    >>>> driver = webdriver.Firefox()

    If All is Correctly Set-Up after a little while you Should See a Firefox Browser Appearing.
    If you Get Some Error Messages look at the Troubleshooting Section here Below.


If your Python is Not Completely Setup for Mac Check How-to Correctly Setup it Inside this Guide Here Below.

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