Howto Create Launcher From Terminal for Gnome Debian/Ubuntu

April 28, 2012 | By Duchateaux.

Here is Described the Procedure to Add a Launcher to Panel on Debian from Terminal.

This Generic Way to Add a Launcher is Valid in Any GNOME Debian-Ubuntu System.

  1. Check if alacarte Package is Installed:

    which alacarte

    Possibly Install it with:

    sudo apt-get install alacarte

  2. Start the Menu Editor

    • Start the alacarte Package from Terminal:


    • On GNOME Desktop

      Applications >> System Tools >> Preferences >> Main Menu.

      Debian GNOME Desktop Create Application Launcher

  3. Select your Panel and Add Item

    The Launcher Creator Utility will Pop-Up.

    Fill In Data, Choose Icon and Save.

    Link 2 Tut 4 Locating Files and Images:

After you Should Find you New Launcher Inside the Panel.

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