Drupal 7 New Article Automatic Email Notification

August 28, 2012 | By Duchateaux.

This Post Show How to Set-Up Drupal 7 to Automatically Send a Notification Email for Every New Post Articleed on the Site.

And this Visual Guide includes the Basic Screenshots of All GUI Steps involved.

The Content give Focus Only to the Essentials Instructions and Commands to make it Easier to Follow.

Drupal Lifebuoy
  1. Download and Install Drupal 7 Rules Module:

    Rules Module for Drupal 7
  2. Create a New Rule

    Configuration >> Rules
    1. Add Event:

      After Saving New Content.

    2. Add Action:

      Send Email.

    Drupal 7 Create a New Rule

  3. Set-Up Send Email to Send the New Post Data Content.

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