What Is Exactly A CNAME DNS Record

September 22, 2012 | By Regaz.

This Tip Should Tell you Simply and Exactly What’s is a CNAME.

Linux-Gnome Penguin on Ubuntu

A CNAME Can Be Defined as a TCP/IP-DNS Alias/Pointer that Forward the Request To This DomainName OR to Another DomainName.
A CNAME Resolve/Map a Domain Name Prefix (Like: www, ftp, forum…) To the Corresponding Canonical Domain Name.


www IN CNAME thisdomainname.com

Map the URL www.thisdomainname.com To thisdomainname.com

ftp IN CNAME otherdomainfirst.com

Map the URL ftp.thisdomainname.com To otherdomainfirst.com

forum IN CNAME otherdomainsecond.com

Map the URL forum.thisdomainname.com To otherdomainsecond.com

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