How to Create Application Launcher on Snow-Linux 4 Glacier Mate Desktop Easy Visual-Guide

January 10, 2013 | By Duchateaux.

The Guide shows you Visually How to Create a New Application Launcher inside to the Main Menu on Snow-Linux 4 Glacier Mate Desktop.

The Practical Example Here Illustrated is About Adding the Firefox Nightly Entry inside to the Internet Section a Snow Linux Mate.

The Technique is Useful for Adding Any New Software on a Snow-Linux 4 Mate Desktop.

On the Bost Bottom Bonus Link for Installing Evernote and Google-Chrome for Snow-Linux 4 Glacier Mate Desktop.

  1. Right Click on Main Menu >> Edit Menu
    Snow-Linux 13 Mate Edit Main Menu

  2. On Main Menu

    1. Select the Applications Group for the New Laucher

    2. Select New Item

    Snow-Linux 4 Main Menu Add New Launcher

  3. On the Create Launcher Select the Icon

    Here Below Link to Article with Tutorial 4 Locating Files/Icons Under Linux.

    Linux How to Locate Command

    Snow-Linux 4 Mate Main Menu Create Launcher Select Icon

  4. After Complete the Launcher Parameters with Executable Path

    Confirm with OK!.

    Snow-Linux 4 Mate Main Menu Created New Launcher

  5. Save the New Created Application Launcher Snow-Linux 4 Mate Main Menu With New Launcher

  6. How to Install Evernote for Snow-Linux:

    Evernote for Snow-Linux

    How to Install Google-Chrome Web Browser for Snow-Linux:

    Install Google-Chrome for Snow-Linux

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