Linux Debian Easy Expert Guided Partitioning Visual Guide

January 12th, 2013 by Regaz

The Visual-Guide Shows You How-to Make and Expert, Quick & Easy Partitioning for Debian Linux Installation.

The Good System Performace is Assured from the Presence of a Linux-Swap Partition of Sufficient Size.

Inside the Post as Bonus you Find also Link to How-to Create an App Launcher on Debian Linux Desktops, Installing the Evernote Clone and Latest Firefox for Debian.

Linux-Gnome Debian Crazy Penguin
  1. Select Guided Use Entire Disk

    Linux-Debian Guided Partitioning 1
  2. Select Hard-Disk

    Linux-Debian Guided Partitioning 2
  3. How-to Create an Application Launcher for Quick-Starting on Debian:

    Debian Desktops How-Launcher
  4. Select Separate Home Partition

    This will Permit to Keep All you Personal Stuff in Case of Needed Re-Installation…

    Linux-Debian Guided Partitioning 3
  5. How-to Install Evernote Linux Clone on Debian:

    Evernote for Debian
  6. Finish and Write Changes to Disk

    Linux-Debian Guided Partitioning 4
  7. How-to Install Latest Firefox on Debian Linux:

    Latest Firefox for Debian
  8. Confirm

    Linux-Debian Guided Partitioning 5

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