Linux Debian Easy Expert Guided Partitioning Visual Guide

January 12, 2013 | By Duchateaux.

Hi! The Visual-Guide shows you Step-by-step How to Make and Expert, Quick & Easy Partitioning for Debian Installation.

The Good System Performace is Assured from the Presence of a Linux-Swap Partition of Sufficient Size.

Inside the Post as Bonus you Find also Link to How to Create an App Launcher on Debian Linux Desktops, Installing the Evernote Clone and Latest Firefox for Debian.

Linux-Gnome Debian Crazy Penguin
  1. Select Guided Use Entire Disk.

    Linux-Debian Guided Partitioning 1
  2. Select Hard-Disk.

    Linux-Debian Guided Partitioning 2
  3. How to Create an Application Launcher for Quick Starting on Debian:

    Debian Desktops How-Launcher
  4. Select Separate Home Partition.

    This will Permit to Keep All you Personal Stuff in Case of Needed Re-Installation…

    Linux-Debian Guided Partitioning 3
  5. How to Install Evernote Linux Clone on Debian:

  6. Finish and Write Changes to Disk.

    Linux-Debian Guided Partitioning 4
  7. How to Install the Latest Firefox on Debian Linux:

  8. Confirm.

    Linux-Debian Guided Partitioning 5

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