Linux Installation in Mageia Basic Custom Partitioning With Good System Performance Visual Guide

January 12, 2013 | By Duchateaux.

Hi! The Visual-Guide shows you Step-by-step How to Make a Basic Custom Partitioning with Good Performance for Mageia Linux Installation.

To the Post Bottom you Find also Link to How to Create an App Launcher on Mageia Linux Desktops, Installing the Evernote Clone and Firefox Nightly for Mageia.

Mageia Linux Magic-Penguin
  1. Select Custom Disk Partitioning.

    Linux-Mageia Custom Disk Partitioning - 1
  2. Possibly BackUp your Data.

    Linux-Mageia Custom Disk Partitioning - 2 Data BackUp
  3. Create a Mageia GNOME3 Launcher for Easy-Starting:

    Mageia GNOME3 Launcher
  4. Make a Swap Partition.

    Linux-Mageia Guided Partitioning - 3a Swap Linux-Mageia Guided Partitioning - 3b Swap
  5. How to Install Evernote for Mageia:

  6. Make the Root Partition.

    Linux-Mageia Guided Partitioning - 3a Root Linux-Mageia Guided Partitioning - 3b Root
  7. How to Install Firefox Nightly in Mageia:

  8. Write to Disk.

    Linux-Mageia Guided Partitioning 5

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