How to Install By YUM VirtualBox & Getting Started on Linux Fedora 18 Gnome3 Desktop Step-by-Step Easy Guide

March 3, 2013 | By Regaz.

The Guide shows you Step-by-Step How to Install by YUM and Quick Start with the Latest VirtualBox for Fedora 18 GNOME3 Desktop.

Finally, the post’s Content is Expressly Reduced to Give Focus to the Essentials Instructions and Commands.

VirtualBox & Linux
  1. How to Add the VirtualBox Repo for Fedora 18:

    Adding Fc18 VirtualBox Repo
  • Open Terminal Window
    (Press “Enter” to Execute Commands)

    Fedora Linux GNOME3 Open Terminal
  • Installing Latest VirtualBox


    If Got “User is Not in Sudoers file” then see: How to Enable sudo

    yum-search VirtualBox

    Pick the Latest VirtualBox Relase for Linux.

    sudo yum install VirtualBox-
  • Enabling Automatic VirtualBox Kernel Modules Rebuilding

    This is Useful in Case of a Future Kernel Update…

    sudo yum install dkms
  • Installing VirtualBox Guest Additions

    Linux VirtualBox How to Install Guest Additions:

    Linux Installing Guest Additions
  • VirtualBox on Linux

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