How to Install Latest HBase Database Server for Linux Mint 14 Mate 32bit/64bit Step-by-Step Easy-Visual Guide

March 11, 2013 | By Regaz.

The Step-by-Step Guide shows you How to Install and Getting-Started with the Latest HBase Server Release on Linux Mint 14 Mate i686/x8664 Desktop.

And this Visual Guide includes the Basic Screenshots of All GUI Steps involved.

The Content give Focus Only to the Essentials Instructions and Commands to make it Easier to Follow.

Inside the Post you Find a Link to Get Installed the Required Oracle Official Java JDK for Linux Mint.

HBase GNOME Penguin
  1. Download Latest HBase Database Server Stable Release.

    Latest HBase Stable tar.gz Release
  • Double-Click on Archive and Extract HBase into /tmp
    Linux Mint HBase Extraction

  • Open a Terminal Window
    (Press “Enter” to Execute Commands)

    Linux Mint 14 Nadia Mate Open Terminal
  • Relocate the HBase Server.


    If Got “User is Not in Sudoers file” then see: How to Enable sudo

    mv /tmp/hbase* /opt
  • Setup the HBase Server WriteTo Location.

    The Server by Default Write Into /tmp So to Keep the Data over Reboot Set a New Location.

    nano /opt/hbase*/conf/hbase-site.xml

    Inserts Setup Between Existing Configuration Tags:


    Ctrl+x to Save & Exit :)

  • Setup JAVA_HOME for HBase

    Check if Oracle Java JDK 1.6+ is Installed:

    which java

    The Output Should Contains “/jdk1.X.Y”, If Not See Below How to Install Oracle JDK for Linux Mint.

    How to Install Required Oracle Java JDK on Mint:

    Install Oracle JDK for Linux Mint

    JAVA_HOME Env. Variable Setup:

    nano /opt/hbase*/conf/

    Uncomment the Line Containing JAVA_HOME and Set the Right Path.

  • Quick Start with HBase Database Server.

    HBase Database Quick Start

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